IBAVI Global

What is IBAVI Global?

Since its inception in 2004, the IBAVI has developed, implemented, and administered numerous initiatives in collaboration with institutions, organizations, groups, and individuals, including an array of IBAVI Chapters in selected countries and universities. These chapters span the globe, opening up a world of opportunity for collaboration – research, teaching, service, leadership – among kindred institutions and colleagues. Together, these IBAVI Chapters comprise IBAVI Global.

Where is IBAVI Global?

IBAVI Global consists of IBAVI Chapters in universities all over the world, including:

What does IBAVI Global do?

Like the IBAVI itself, IBAVI Chapters engage in a wide range of activities for multiple purposes, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • address the great interest in beliefs and values by academics, policy makers, and the public at large;

  • counter a perception that the academy is biased, irrelevant, or elitist;

  • highlight the crucial role of higher education in producing an accountable, reflective, and enlightened citizenry;

  • facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue among colleagues who share an interest in "beliefs" and "values", broadly defined;

  • build upon related and extant scholarly, grant-based, educational, professional, and outreach activities;

  • illustrate how beliefs and values mediate national and international actions, policies, and practices across multiple domains (e.g., religion, politics, gender, culture, environment); and,

  • translate research and theory into accessible form and relevant action for a real world audience.

Specific projects vary widely, from engaging in values-based education (VbE) research, coursework, and programs; to leadership and organizational development and evaluation workshops; to analysis of within- and between-country data on belief / value systems of individuals and groups; to the evaluation and facilitation of international, multicultural, and transformative learning; to many other initiatives and activities that are all congruent with the IBAVI's mission and rationale.